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Our offers for hotels

The internet-catalogue and Reservation System "All Hotels in Russia" — — invites hotels and resorts for cooperation! Using potential of our server and experience of our experts we shall help your potential clients to find you in the boundless ocean of internet.

    We offer you:

  • To place at the information about your hotel: the description, photos, tariffs and other. For operative change of the information further personal access for editing is given to you.
  • Our technology of internet-booking which automatically will allow you to accept at your e-mail orders from your potential visitors.
  • To publish on’s pages news and special offers of your hotel. It will allocate your hotel from set of others.
  • Free-of-charge accommodation and technical support of your hotel’s web-site on server
  • Promote your hotel’s web-site as at, as at other our web-sites: and
  • Development (cheaply) a web-site for your hotel in which all program services used in our technology will be integrated.
  • To integrate your site in the Reservation System "All Hotels in Russia" that simultaneously will allow you to edit the information as at your own site as at

Our offer for web-masters

If you have a web-site you can take a part in our partner program. We offer you to place our button at your site. HTML-code of our button you can receive during registration on

Each new visiting of our site from your link initiates 20 shows of your banner at You can add your banners here (enter with your login and password there).

The quantity of links (buttons) you could place is unlimited.

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